CD Review: Rizen

A Spoken Word Album by Cendrine Marrouat

Artist: Cendrine Marrouat
Album: Rizen
Label: CD Independent Release 2009
All poems on Rizen are written and performed by Cendrine Marrouat

‘Rizen’ is a spoken word poetry CD written and performed by French-born published author , freelance writer, translator and poet, Cendrine Marrouat.  Her newest poetry book, ‘Five Years and Counting, A Journey into the Mind of Soul Poetry’ will be released September 24, 2010.  Inspiring others and sharing her gifts of love, enlightenment, and peace, Cendrine carves out her own piece of the world and makes it a sanctuary of relaxation and hope for everyone who is fortunate enough to hear her poetry.

The sixteen tracks on ‘Rizen’ are full of messages of inspiration, love, and hope. Set on a backdrop of nature’s sounds and musical pieces, Rizen is a very relaxing CD to listen to. It invites the listener to meditate in their spirituality and find within themselves the place of inner peace, acceptance and love.  Each track is unique, and the sounds and music effects chosen for each are superb and fitting to the piece. Track number 7 ‘Chains’ excerpt: ‘You are an example to the world/ don’t let their bars trap your mind/ if you close your eyes you will see wonders’ is set to piano music with a hint of rain falling in the beginning, transitioning to birds singing toward the end of the track.

Cendrine has the type of melodic voice that can be listened to repeatedly without getting tired of it. The clarity of the CD is excellent, and each word is passionately and precisely performed. I recommend this CD for anyone who wishes a unique experience of listening to poetry with a musical backdrop that will inspire and relax. It is one thing to sit and read a poem to yourself and interpret it, and quite another to listen to a recitation that lends depth and meaning to each poem that just cannot be obtained when reading on your own. ‘Rizen’ is definitely one of my favorite CD’s.  As an adult, I seldom have anyone read to me, and it was surprising how pleasant it is to just sit back and listen to the beautiful music and natures sounds, along with the inspiring voice of a poet who portrays her passion in each word she utters. Each track is different, which is one of the things that makes this CD so attractive to a listener, and makes them want to listen more than once.

Track Listing:

1) Think Upon Those Things

2) On the Wings of Oblivion

3) Death Unleashed

4) Yes, We Can

5) It’s in Me

6) On a Clear Day

7) Chains

8)  A Thankful Prayer

9) I Am

10) Close Your Eyes

11) Captured by the Essence of a Tide

12) Of Human Tides

13) What is Love?

14) Shall We Enjoy the Silence?

15) The Prophecy

16) True Art

Sound Effects and music by: Music-for-video, Sound Jay, Kevin MacLeod, Pac DV, Denis Chardonnet, William Cushman, Free SFX, Joseph Sardin, Loren DiGiorgi, tigersound & dobroide, inchadney.


Book Review: Five Years and Counting

A Journey into the Mind of Soul Poetry

Author Cendrine Marrouat is a woman of many talents. She is a poet, published author, Spoken Word Artist, Freelance Writer, Blogger, Translator and photographer. She has a passionate incentive to inspire others, and shares freely her time and talents to help others achieve a higher level of understanding of their own spirituality and life’s tribulations.

‘Five Years and Counting, A Journey into the Mind of Soul Poetry’ by Cendrine Marrouat is a unique poetry book in that every poem is a step in a journey to spiritual enlightenment and reader self- acknowledgement. It deals with every aspect of life from times of loss and doubt, to times of exultation. Several poem styles are featured such as Haiku and Cinquains that provide a nice change of pace for the reader. Thought provoking and empowering, the poems segue seamlessly from one section to the next.

In the first section, called Birth of Poetry, are several poems of significance that touch upon the struggle of finding and acknowledging ones true self. An excerpt from one of the poems called ‘Be’ in the first section: ‘Be yourself, simply, human, accomplished. /Build castles in the air and/Slay the Gorgons in your world…’ depicts Cendrine’s ability to instill self-confidence and inspiration in a reader to become all they are destined to be. She has voiced on paper, glimpses into our inner beings that allow us to explore our souls.

The second section, Teenage Years, reflects the growth in a spiritual journey of seeking self-truth. An excerpt from one of the poems called ‘Don’t’ in the second section: ‘Be angry, there’s nothing wrong with it/ Be in doubt, if it should lead you to the exit/ But, never, never give up on the world…’ this poem acknowledges and gives voice to emotions, whether they are negative or positive, and how important it is never to give up on anything. Inspiration can be found just around the corner in Nature and God, who was also a child once and felt pain.

The third section, Adulthood, touches upon some difficult topics, and acknowledges the pain of loss, struggle, and spiritual growth that occur as we deal with these situations. An excerpt from ‘Stillborn’ in the third section:’ I touch your face; beauty, / Is all I see-my child. / I cannot shed tears…’ this is an eloquent and passionate poem, and, while capable of stirring powerful emotions, gives a measure of uplifting peace and blessing.

The name of the fourth section is Elevation! Aptly named, this section is passionately moving and emotionally enriching. The poems featured in this section touch upon the truth of having faith, the strength, wisdom and beauty of our souls, and rejoicing in the unique individuals that we all are. An excerpt from ‘One Morning, You Talked To Me’ in the fourth section: ‘My child, your beauty/ Is not found in a mirror./ You shall feel it deep within…’ gives voice to embracing our inner beauty, acknowledging the shining spirit that resides within each one of us.

In truth, I had a difficult time choosing excerpts to share with you from this book, as they are all equally stunning. Each word comes alive on the page, sometimes with adversity and pain, and other times with such spiritual enlightenment, the emotions that we sometimes find so difficult to speak of and acknowledge are brought to life on the page. One of the many reasons I recommend this book so highly is its ease of comprehension, versatility in poetic style, and deep inspirational meaning that each poem imparts to the reader.

‘Five Years and Counting, A Journey into the Mind of Soul Poetry’ resonates with a rare honesty, passion, inspiration and enlightenment. From beginning to end, it is a sweeping journey through the tribulations and joys of life, and the riveting poetry will linger with the reader long after they have set the book down. This book will occupy a favored spot on the bookshelf for years to come. Cendrine Marrouat has successfully accomplished voicing the glimpses into our inner beings that assist us in the exploration and understanding of our souls.

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What My Daughter Is Made Of

My daughter is made of fairy tale skies,
of soft baby skin and rose petal sighs

A tiny tot with face all aglow,
arranges her horses all in a row

Silken riotous curls wrap around one finger,
Please, I beg you, let time linger

Honor and heart as she grew tall,
one day a stranger walked in my hall

I knew her as only a mother’s heart can,
she smiled and hugged me as my tears ran

I turned again, and watched her go,
strange to me how time deals the blow

A small purple flower on the table for me,
and the years tumbled back a tide at sea

A young woman of grace,
all decked out in lace

She is a priceless treasure,
with beauty beyond measure

I send her all of my infinite mother’s love,
because that’s what my daughter is made of

This poem is dedicated to my darling daughter. Happy Birthday, my sweet girl.

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Ribbons of color painted
across a nighttime sky
Bespeak a glorious path
for you and I

Smatterings of gold, restless
rose, capricious green
Capture the indigo heavens
for you and I

Restless undulating delight,
weave their enticement
A silent Pan’s flute beckons
for you and I

~ Kira Stann

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At a Loss For Words

I had just finished writing a Hotel review on Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. My pleasant daydream of crystal blue ocean, palm trees and dolphins leaping came to a screeching halt. I had a sudden appalling question hovering in my mind… What if the world ran out of words someday?

There would be nothing left to write! Nothing left to read eventually.
A horrifying contemplation for a writer and a reader.

We contemplate e-books taking over traditionally published books, but no one could do either if there were no words left to use.
Numerically, zip codes, bar codes, area codes and more run out of the sequences they can be used.
What about words?
I hope not, but the dictionary is not infinite. Do you think there will ever be a time that a writer will be at a loss for words literally?


Children stare in wonder

at plastic parodies

Peeling paint and creaking poles

all that is left to see

I close my eyes and remember

when hooves were leaf of gold

Lilting rifts of music

herald enchanted notes

Silver moon cascades

iridescent light below

Soft laughter caresses

the dancing evening breeze

Another turn around

a sweep of breathless view

Surrounded by ethereal magic

a shroud of gossamer fate

My steed of silky mane and tail

thunders on to win his race

His soulful eyes glint joyfully

head tossed in proud disdain

Oh to go back

to magic’s wild embrace

Desperate pleas foretold

and age-old whims arise

Illusive golden rings

held in rusted metal claws

Creaking wooden slats

are all that’s left of us

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Ode to my WIP (Work In Progress)

I stare at you in wonder and ask why
you didn’t need to go that way
I liked MC too much for him to die
so maybe I’ll look tomorrow for
a way to let him stay
Or maybe I’ll just trash the thing
so it doesn’t see light of day.

A slickness to his step
No, no that’s not quite right,
This writing will get the best of me
Before the clock strikes midnight

A crooked neck and sore buttock
Are all that is my pay
But him, he knocks my socks
I wish that I will finish this
Some unforgotten day

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